Electrical Services Hourly Rates

There is a minimum charge of one hour on all jobs, thereafter work is charged in 30 minutes increments. All rates exclude the cost of materials.

Day Rate

A fixed day rate price can be offered must be minimum of 3 days’ work however, this is AT OUR discretion.


Materials supplied by Hale Electrics will be charged at trade price plus 20% mark up.

Material Collection

Material collection time for non stock items will be kept to a minimum – any charge will be agreed with the customer in advance and not exceed 45mins.

Estimates/Priced Work

Estimates are available for jobs. Call now for a free estimate.


An invoice will always be produced clearly showing a full description of work carried out – time started/time finished, a full breakdown of the cost of labor and materials used.


Payment must be made in full upon receipt of invoice.   Payment can be made by card (either credit or debit- all major cards accepted), bank transfer, cheque or cash.

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